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Benefits Of 2D Animated Explainer Videos

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Benefits of 2D Animated Explainer Videos


It is becoming harder and harder to not only attract people’s attention but to retain it for any reasonable length of time with our advertising efforts. Every second post that pops up on our social media feeds now seem to be some kind of an advert that we inadvertently scroll by. It is now more import than every to have a unique and eye-catching approach to our online marketing campaigns that helps us stand out from the crowd and get those all import clicks from a potential customer. Text and imagery are no longer sufficient, 85% of people are more likely to buy a product or service after watching an explainer video.


Business’s use various marketing techniques involving audio, video, and print content. The best marketing technique uses a balanced and powerful combination of direct and indirect advertising to reach customers. Interpretive videos use both visual and audio stimuli to maximize impact quickly, and none more effective than a 2D animated explainer videos.

About 2D Animated Explainer Video

2D animation is one type of art for creating the movement illusion in a two-dimensional space. Includes drawing order with characters, FX background, and text. In a 2D animated explainer video, objects move linearly from one point to another. 2D animated explainer videos are used widely for advertising, marketing, and educational needs. You can also see them included in the customer experience on mobile apps, websites, and other software products.

Given the effective nature of 2D animated videos more companies have started to use them on their product landing pages or homepages to encourage customers to acquire more knowledge about their products and services to aid with increasing conversions.


Why 2D Animated Explainer Videos?

Establishing a brand identity was never more competitive. The goal of video marketing strategies is to weave a brand and its services or products into customers’ memories. It includes about us, webinars- videos, customer demands, explainer videos, and much more.

2D animated Explanatory videos introduce a product and service in a crisp, clear and simple manor. This type of visual content is highly engaging and improves customer understanding.


Professional marketing techniques such as Domaincer use infographics which is the best in an interesting process with attractive caricatures and audio. Simple explanatory videos may present complex messages to all potential customers.


Benefits of 2D Animated Explainer Videos

It is an extremely effective attention grabber

Video is undoubtedly the best way to grab someone’s attention fast but given the nature of 2D animation it can capture it instantly. Use of vibrant colour and its light hearted fun nature can retain that attention longer than standard video production.

Animated explainer videos are excellent at explaining something complex in a very simple easy to understanding manor. The simplicity of delivery adds to the retention of the viewer for a longer period of time.

Animated videos are easily shared.

As most animated explainer videos are somewhere between 30 to 90 seconds long, they are ideal for posting on social media channels. With the use of animation delivering your message in a fun humours manner which have a greater chance of triggering the emotions of the viewer.

Production Cost Is Low

Normally, the faster production process allows the 2D Production to reduce the cost of the explainer video. This 2D animated style is cheaper than a 3D or stop-motion animated video. At we aim to deliver attractive 2D animation videos but most importantly we aim to do so with all budgets in mind not just big organisations.


Boost your Search Engine Optimization

Given both the length of and fun nature of animated videos they are ideal for sharing on social media. If done well these shares can lead to backlinks, backlinks are when some else references your video on their website, blog or social media platforms. These back links are recognised google against search terms you would hope to rank against thus improving your SEO and getting you up the Google search list. This in turn should boost traffic to your website.


There are many more benefits associated with 2D animated explainer videos when done correctly

The purpose of using a 2D animated explainer video is to connect with the audience. Businesses capitalise on the impact of video marketing by thinking through user perspectives. 2D explainer video features help you increase the potential of your marketing campaign and budget.

  • Creative Script: These videos should have the ability to make your business fun without overselling
  • Short and crisp: The length of the 2D animated explainer video should be sufficient to attract potential customers. A short and entertaining video (just 1 minute) captures the main benefits that have more impact than a long video.
  • Problems and Solutions: 2D explanatory videos focus on a problem and its solution. From the user’s perspective, business products or services are presented as the right solution. 


How Does 2D Video Help Your Businesses?

The popularity of 2D explanatory video can be gauged from the abundance of businesses that rely on it. The emotional stimulus of a 2D video translates the content directly to the audience. They usually focus on delivering a brand message without overwhelming your audience. A sense of depth makes it easier for businesses to build trust with customers. Consumers are increasingly leaning towards products and services that care about solving their problems.



Businesses are always looking for immersive and creative ways to engage their visitors and make their content more engaging. 2D animated explainer videos can help you capture the target audience with captivating graphics and exciting stories in a fun manner. An explainer video can help you present all the information concisely and interestingly. 2D animation is growing and will certainly continue to do so as our battle to engage with potential customers continues in a hugely competitive and busy online environment.

Our mission at Animation Create is to make 2D Animated Videos an affordable to options to all businesses. However big our small your budget we will have a solution for you. To discuss your project with us reach out at


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